List of Some Major or Top Paramedical Courses in India

  • Physiotherapy: As a physiotherapist, you will deal with patient’s physical exercises, helping them in healing muscular injuries. Whether it is a ligament tear or recovery from a fracture, you will plan a Physiotherapy session for patients to help them regain their muscular strength. You can also gain specialization in neurological Physiotherapy, sports Physiotherapy, Geriatric Physiotherapy, Clinical Physiotherapy etc.
  • Nursing: As a nurse, you will take care of patients suffering from different sorts of psychological and physical maladies. You will also help doctors and other medical specialists set up medical equipments in clinical labs and operation theatres. You may gain specialization in intensive care, Cardiac care, midwifery, pediatrics, Orthopedics etc.
  • Pharmacy: A pharmacist’s job revolves around administration of drugs to patients. You may advise physicians on dosages, interactions, side effects and selection of drugs for patients, monitor the patient’s improvement as a response to the drug, advise the patients should stress management, exercise and diet, and carry out other such jobs associated with patients and drug prescriptions.
  • Medical laboratory technician: These professional people work in the medical labs to test blood samples and help the doctor diagnose a patient’s medical condition. As a medical lab technician, you may find job in a doctor’s private office, clinical lab, hospital, biotechnology center, etc.
  • Speech therapy: Speech therapists are professional people who help people to talk clearly. A patient may not speak clearly because he was born with a speech disorder, or he lost his speech in an accident. A speech therapist may also counsel and support a patient’s family.
  • Occupational therapy: An occupational therapist helps individuals with a physical or mental illness, so that they can come back to their normal state. With the help of different latest methods, they help patients gain maximum recovery after a long illness. As an occupational therapist, you will be involved in a wide range of educational, creative and recreational activities.
  • Radiology: As a radiographer, you will take x-ray films of patients diagnosed with a medical problem. They are responsible for conducting x-ray of a patient’s body, make exposures, and develop x-ray films readable by a doctor. With experience, a radiographer may also become an x-ray interpreter.
  • Anesthesiology: Anesthesiologists are highly trained specialists who make medical decisions related to anesthesia, while taking care of the well being and safety of the patient. Your job will be to maintain a patient’s condition in controlled unconsciousness, delivering him pain relief during an obstetrical, surgical or any other medical procedure. You may also become an anesthesiologist assistant, who works under a licensed anesthesiologist to implement an anesthesia care plan.
  • Rehabilitation specialist: Patients with severe disabilities need extra specialized care in a rehabilitation center or hospital. You work with an entire team of professionals to help the patient recover from his medical condition. The team includes nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, along with the patient’s family members.
  • Hematology: As a hematologist,you take care of patients with an entire range of malignant or non-malignant diseases. You may also specialize in different areas of hematology, including transfusion medicine, Hemato-Oncology, obstetric hematology, laboratory hematology, pediatric hematology, bone marrow transplantation etc.

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